About Digital Files

What Happens After I purchase my digital item?

    Checkout & download Zip file(s)

    Files will be available to download instantly upon payment approval.
    Your purchased file can be viewed from your account when you are logged in. We recommend you to create an account for this purpose.

    Unzip the file
    With Windows
    With Mac

    With Cricut:
    After unzipping your purchased file, access SVG files / folders.
    Cricut takes SVG files for cutting.
    Cricut takes PNG files for Print & Cut feature.
    You can learn about this more in detail from HERE.

    With Cameo Silhouette:
    Please use DXF File for Cameo Silhouette Basic Edition.
    (If you have Designer edition, you can use SVG files).

    Other Major Cutting Machines:
    Most Likely, SVG is your BFF.
    If you are having issues, please shoot an e-mail to: support@svgcafestudio.com

    Print with Home Printer
    You can use PNG file to print designs with your home printer.
    Quality of each designs should be large enough for your project, but if you need larger size, please contact us!  

    If you are using Font file (OTF or TTF)
    You will need to install these files onto your computer first! Please DO NOT try to install them directly onto your Cricut or Cameo Silhouette software.